In these powerhouses of specialized thought and activity, experts join forces to spur innovation in research, pedagogy and practice.



Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE) is a driver of scholastic, educational and professional development opportunities in the related areas of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship within the °®°®Ö±²¥ community. The IIE has a multidisciplinary focus and seeks to advance the University’s strategy by fostering cross-college learning and embedding entrepreneurial thinking more deeply in the °®°®Ö±²¥ culture.

The Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women’s Leadership

Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women’s Leadership

The Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women’s Leadership fosters women’s advancement through education, advocacy, community-building and the collaborative creation of knowledge. We believe gender equality is central to the common good, and we are committed to developing leaders in the Augustinian tradition of self-understanding in the pursuit of a just and peaceful world.

Icon of Saint Augustine of Hippo by Nancy Oliphant

The Augustinian Institute

The Augustinian Institute solidifies the University’s efforts to establish and support initiatives that flow from °®°®Ö±²¥â€™s rich Augustinian heritage. We serve as both an agent and a resource for giving Augustine’s thought a vibrant place within °®°®Ö±²¥â€™s academic and community life and for effectively bringing Augustine’s voice into contemporary times.



Housed within five of °®°®Ö±²¥'s schools and colleges are more than 20 centers of excellence—discipline specific hubs that support faculty research, teaching excellence, curricular development, and the intersection of research and practice.